Smart Tips to Decorate Your Living Room

The living room is the center of your home that needs to be cleaned regularly. Like your home facade, it should have a welcoming aura to entertain your visitors. The moment they enter your household, the living room should create an inviting ambiance to impress your guests.

Applying a couple of living room ideas does not require you to hire an interior designer because a little imagination can do a lot of wonder to this area. The room can be a formal or informal place for entertainment, family gathering and receiving guests.

Living Room Decorations

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If you want it to look informal, invest in built-in cabinets, console table, study desk and entertainment pieces. A formal living room is filled with art Deco, lighting fixtures, wall adornment, knick knacks, art pieces and coffee table books to be feasted by your guests’ eyes.

Your guest would love to read books and magazines, so be proud to show off your collections. A fireplace mantel, a monochromatic area rug and a contemporary chandelier will make your living room look elegant and sophisticated.

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