3 Tips to Keep your Bathroom Plumbing Blockage-Free

The bathroom is an important room in any home – it’s where we spend a lot of time preening and cleaning ourselves, it can even be when many of us come up with our best ideas or sing without any trepidation in the shower.

Which is why when we have any plumbing problems in this most integral of rooms it really throws a spanner in the works. It’s often the toilet that’s the problem, but equally as annoying is a blocked sink or bath that doesn’t want to drain.

It’s easy to fret about these bathroom plumbing problems but there’s really no need, because they are often easily sorted and indeed avoided if you know just three simple tips.

Bathroom Plumbing

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If your bathroom is experiencing any of these issues then the first thing you must do is sort these out either yourself (equipped with a plunger or drain cleaner) or call in a professional to do the job. But the best way to avoid blocked drains in the future is to abide by some easy preventative steps that any homeowner can follow.

First thing’s first, make sure any products that should not be going down the toilet end up in a bin and not clogged in your drains. Facial tissues or wipes should not be flushed and it’s the same for heavy-duty paper towels or sanitary products. It’s easy to just chuck this stuff in the bowl and flush but if you want to keep your bathroom in good working order then bin it.

Secondly, simply use a stopper to block your plughole from any unwanted hair or dirt and you’ll notice a difference straight away. Finally, clean your taps, showerhead and sinks regularly to avoid any build-up of minerals and your bathroom will be problem-free for some time to come.

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